Seo vs. Namespace Arbitrage

Read an article earlier about how Web and SEO Professionals should be charging more for their services based on the accumulated results they might bring in. This pricing model is based on a projected or expected ROI (Return on Investment) instead of actual time and effort.

I say, “Bunk”.

Right now I’m charging around $15.00 an hour for what is probably $35.00 to $75.00 worth of work but… I have automated systems and machines to do much of that actual work. Especially the research! (Right now I’m typing this while another machine is researching content for a new website).

And I’m unimpressed with most SEO (Search Engine Optimization Techniques for websites). What works with one search provider often doesn’t work at another search engine. Some SEO efforts can actually have a detrimental effect. And following the old adage ‘content is king’ time spent creating content should payoff bigger over the long term.

What I’m looking at and recommending is Namespace Arbitrage!

There’s three ways to use Namespace Arbitrage.

1. You spend 20 minutes or so writing a post, page or article for your own website looking to get a half hour or more worth of ‘return’ in traffic for your effort. You’ll spend a few moments promoting that post by sharing it out to social media and possibly responding to comments, etc. but that should be worthwhile! Time is money.

2. You purchase a set dollar amount of website advertising hoping for a return in traffic and business at your site. Say $20.00 of ads might return $30.00 of profit. Or more!!

3. You see an interesting article on another website and  make a deal with that site to carry your ad?(s) on that page or sitewide for a set time in exchange for a boosted ‘share’ of their post on your site and Facebook timeline(s).

These methods can have a lasting return that surpasses SEO methods.

All it requires is some time, some research, some creativity and a little math.

Jeff – (540)-440-1850

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